Chicago Pet Patrol wants to celebrate our members! While the club is going to purchase a pride flag of each type to represent our wide and varied community, we were asked to give members the opportunity to sponsor flags. Flags cost $14 plus shipping from our vendor, and for $15 you can sponsor a flag for the club to keep and fly. Sponsored flags will have “sponsored by [your name]” on the edge (unless you ask to remain anonymous).

If you sponsor a flag, you can purchase a flag at the same price! Add a sponsored flag and a flag to keep to your cart to get the $5 discount.

Want to sponsor a flag that’s not listed? We are happy to create other designs, just select the “Design not listed” and send a description of the pride flag you’d like designed to [email protected] 

This is considered a donation.

If you sponsor a flag for the club to keep and fly here, you can receive $5 off the purchase of a flag for you to keep!
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ABDL Pride, Asexual Pride, Bear Pride, Bisexual Pride, CPP Pride, Demisexual Pride, Design not listed, Feline Pride, Furry Pride, Genderfluid Pride, Genderqueer Pride, Leather Pride, Lesbian Pride, Non-Binary Pride, Pansexual Pride, Poly Pride, Pony Pride, Progress Pride, Puppy Pride, Rubber Pride, Straight Ally Pride