Established in 2011, the Chicago Pet Patrol (CPP) started out as group of human pup and handler bar-goers which slowly grew into a major community. We’ve evolved a lot over the years but our organization’s core mission has remained relatively unchanged: to promote safe, social spaces and education for individuals interested in exploring their ‘animalistic’ sides, regardless of beliefs, disabilities, ethnic backgrounds, sexes, genders, sexual orientations, experience level, or roles.
In 2018, the Chicago Pet Patrol incorporated as a 501(c)(7) non-profit social club. Our club consists of human pups, pets, handlers, kinksters, furries, adjacent supporters, and countless forms of friendship and dynamics. We continue to focus on building a positive community that is free of discrimination and full of opportunity to help the greater LGBTQ+, BDSM, human pup, and pet play communities engage and grow


2024 Membership:
Open: 2/1/24

Our club is driven to provide for membership and non-membership alike. Regardless of the membership status or personal preferences, Chicago Pet Patrol has a diverse range of service offerings for everyone. 

Always remember: membership is NOT required to engage with Chicago Pet Patrol.

Despite our club’s non-profit status, it’s impossible to provide for our community without operating costs. Our club officers put significant effort into handling public events, merchandise, advertising, legal essentials, and website maintenance as frugally as possible, however all of these things require the financial support of our community.

The Chicago Pet Patrol maintains financial stability through annual membership dues. We strive to keep dues affordable and rewarding while assuring our Members that their support will be put to good use. Once registered, our Members also receive a variety of appreciation incentives. Membership is for people that: 

    •  are at least 18 years old;
have no claims against them that would conflict with our Governance;
wish to be supportive of our community (e.g. human pups, pets, handlers, furries, leather folk, those that are finding themselves).

Membership dues are NOT a means of excluding any individual from becoming a Member of the Chicago Pet Patrol. Membership dues may be waived on a case-to-case basis. Anyone that is financially unable to meet membership dues may confide their situation with a member of our Board of Directors.


Chicago Pet Patrol’s newsletter will provide you with important announcements, community surveys, calendar overviews, and event descriptions—all at once—in one convenient email per month! We’ll also communicate any last-minute event changes on an as-needed basis.

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